Hi there – thanks for visiting! Now that we’ve been at this local government reporting for a while, we’ve made some changes to our website to reflect upcoming changes in our services.

Website Changes

We’ve organized all City of Victoria content within a new City of Victoria entry point on our main menu bar. From this section you will find a new archive point for what we’re calling Big Issues (e.g., write-ups related to town halls, task forces, strategic planning, financial planning, etc) as well as a new archive point for all City of Victoria Council and Committee Meetings that includes separate third level headings for:

We have added a new Capital Regional District (CRD) section to our website. This will be developed further as we start attending more CRD meetings and we also start looking in more detail at regional issues like Wastewater treatment.

We have also added what we’re calling Opinions to our main menu bar and from within this section you will find second level headings for each of the following:

As always, all posts will continue to rotate out to our main page. 


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