2016 Draft Financial Plan

Well folks…. it is budget time again. And once again, City staff are kicking it off by providing a 1,000 page document that has absolutely no enhanced readability functionality built into. So once again, I have taken the opportunity (took me 30 minutes) to make separate PDF chapters for each budget function and upload to my website.

Enjoy! You can find my 2015 budget breakdown here.

From a process perspective, this budget is being presented to Council tomorrow in their Governance & Priorities format (agenda here). Then in November, the actual Financial Plan Bylaw will be brought forward for 1st reading on November 26th. And then following that, public consultation will commence. But then it is important to note, as per the associated staff report, this public consultation will once again be limited to how Council spends their annual (2015) surplus and their annual (2015) New Assessment Revenue.

No substantial attention will be paid to the budget as a whole.

This is because everything Council does is in their strategic plan.

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