1002, 1008, 1012 Pandora Avenue

I was annoyed by how poorly city information regarding this proposal (check out my Deeper Look post for more) was presented via  agenda attachments for the August 27 2015 Public Hearing (agenda here) so I decided to do a better job of organizing them. Where I see that the city has made some efforts to improve readability of the many attachments on the September 17th agenda, I doubt they took the effort that I have here to really organize all these attachments in a way that actually makes sense for the average consumer.

For instance, please find all letters from the applicant, all staff reports, all letters from the North Park Neighbourhood Association and all letters from representatives of the Mason St Farm clearly presented below. In reviewing these documents, please note that  all instances of duplication (staff reports, public letters & petitions) have been removed from City materials and new links to recreated attachments are provided below.

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