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Based on my discussions with the CRD Communications Manager (man named Andy Orr) the vastly complex CRD website is built on the assumption that folks will bookmark their pages of interest. Trouble with this assumption mind you, is that such an approach to website creation is not supportive of folks who are either new to the website or only visit infrequently.

Some illustrations of these inconveniences are as follows:There is a Board and Committee meetings page that is regularly updated to reflect CRD meetings happening in a week. However, the individual meetings are not linked back to particular agendas or to explanatory notes on committee/board structure.

There is an Agenda and Minutes documents library page that is available from the home page that contains the most up to date versions of all agendas and minutes for Board and committee meetings. However, there is no obvious date stamp available from the main document library page.

There is a Watch Board Meetings Live page that provides direct links to streaming and archived meeting video. Agenda links are also provided. However, the agendas provided here are often not the up to date version of the agenda that is provided from the Agenda and Minutes documents library page.

There is a separate CRD Legistar page (provider of the webcasting service) that also provides a calendar listing of past and upcoming meetings. However, it does not provide links to up to date agendas and it also often does not provide links to current or archived video.

Finally, there is a Committees, Commissions and Appointments page that contains a comprehensive list of CRD Committees, Commissions and Appointments that can be individually clicked through to learn about membership, terms of references, meeting minutes and agenda packages. Here for instance, is a link to the CRD Finance Committee.  Trouble with this section of the website, is that it exists separately from the more frequently trafficked Board and Committee Meetings and Agenda and Minutes pages.

So What is My Point?

I will be working on a post tomorrow that simplifies and connects  relevant content and context related to the four CRD meetings happening this Wednesday. Too much work is required to understand what goes on at the CRD.

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