A Topaz Park Tent City Primer

As your local resident Council meeting live-tweeter and blogger I’ve observed the entire jumbled City process that has been, hey ok, we’ve got a bunch of folks sleeping in parks that costs us a lot of money to deal with so let’s do something. To assist with this issue moving forward, I have cobbled together relevant blog posts to create an easy reading summary of the issue to date.

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July 23 Council Summary & Observations

So I learned a lot about plastic bags and the efforts of the Divest Victoria group while attending the lengthy Council meeting on Thursday (video here agenda here). Why was the meeting so long? Well mostly because a total of 17 people signed up for their respective 5 minutes to address Council and all but 3 of these groups were on the topics of banning plastic bags and socially responsible investing, as driven by the Divest Victoria group.

Annie Bag Monster

This clip (see below) from the especially verbose Councillor Isitt (maybe because he missed Planning and Land Use meeting earlier in the day) neatly encapsulates the general level of municipal operational professionalism at play on Thursday night. Continue reading July 23 Council Summary & Observations

July 16 GPC Summary & Observations

The meeting started off well on Thursday (agenda here), but it then got frustrating and tiresome once Council (in their Governance & Priorities format) started sliding off topic and speaking around issues instead of to the immediate items at the table. Mind you, their doing so was also fascinating in the sense that it made me reflect on why I was reacting to them the way I did and why it was that I was getting frustrated and confused instead of just tweeting everything.

I realized that it has to do with process.  Continue reading July 16 GPC Summary & Observations

June 11 Council Summary & Observations

It was quite the Council meeting on Thursday night and not just because there was a big agenda. Lots of other things happened. There was one moment in particular that was especially bizarre and led to me getting up as part of the Public Hearing for 120 Gorge Road and saying to Council: “You should be better than this!”

It was simultaneously odd and appalling (video here).

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June 4 GPC Summary & Observations

It was a long meeting on Thursday and I have to say this surprised me because it started off with Mayor Helps suggesting that more than half the agenda items go on the Consent Agenda (e.g., get passed with no discussion). The meeting still ended up being a long one because of how the remaining items were presented by staff, which is to say, had the issues been presented differently the resulting meeting would have been more efficient and more coherent.

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June 4 GPC Early Thoughts

There is a large variety of items on the GPC agenda for Thursday. All told the meeting may go on for a while. I imagine the major news media (CTV etc) will also be there for the always “sexy” sheltering in parks issue for which a lengthy report appears in the middle of the agenda, which means the poor camera guys will have to awkwardly hang around while the more mundane aspects of civic governance occur.

Good thing I’m there to live tweet eh! Yay Twitter!

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May 21 GPC Summary & Observations

It was a fairly lengthy meeting this morning despite the relatively short agenda. Issues like the  Urban Forest Management Plan, community mailboxes and a simple advocacy motion for a PTSD presumptive clause in WCB legislation (like they have in Alberta) all took a fair bit of time to work through. Of note is that the meeting started off with removal of the 1st quarter financial update from the agenda – apparently it will come back with the 1st quarter departmental reports once they come available. In June maybe?

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May 21 GPC Early Thoughts

Pretty basic stuff on the agenda for GPC tomorrow. As always,  some thoughts on the various items up for discussion and decision  are provided in this post.

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April 23 GPC Summary & Observations

Have any of you watched the netflix show Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt?  Throughout the GPC meeting yesterday I had the theme song from that show running through my head but with the word “impetuous” replacing “unbreakable”. If you watch a lot of Council like I do, you’d know what I mean and who all I’m referring to.

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