July 2 GPC Summary & Observations

I started off all grumpy this morning because the media table had been shoved back in the back corner of the council chambers which made for both a bad view and terrible acoustics because it was crammed in beside a fancy looking air conditioning unit.

Council Air Conditioner

So I said “screw that” and sat in the front row of the audience.  Continue reading July 2 GPC Summary & Observations

April 13 Special Budget GPC

The meeting this morning started at 8am. City Hall was not publicly opened yet and many lights were still off. Council chambers were alive though and they will be alive at the same time for the next two days as the conclusion of today’s meeting only saw resolution of budget amendments. Strategic Plan amendments and Parks Regulation bylaw amendments still remain.  Continue reading April 13 Special Budget GPC

Feb 26 Council Early Thoughts

The agenda for the Council meeting tomorrow night seems manageable – I may just have to do a Council challenge and attend both meetings again. Better rest up tonight! [edit – now that I’ve done my review, I change my mind. It looks like a long one!] Continue reading Feb 26 Council Early Thoughts

Feb 26 GPC Early Thoughts

There is a colourful assortment of items on the agenda for VicGPC tomorrow February 26. First up is an hour of closed meeting while Council meets with Director of Engineering and Public Works Dwayne Kaylnchuk and a Lawyer from Vancouver named Karin Martin who is a “partner who practices in the areas of construction/infrastructure, P3 and litigation/dispute resolution.”
Continue reading Feb 26 GPC Early Thoughts