July 23 PLUC Summary & Observations

The meeting this morning, was, shall we say illuminating?

It started late because everyone only began filtering in at 9am and I’m assuming that they were all late because they were coming from this incamera meeting that was held to consider:

  • Labour relations
  • Acquisition/Disposition of land and or improvements
  • A new municipal service

Originally it was just for “Municipal Service” and so I’m guessing the other two bullets were added late. Speaking of Incamera meetings, I’ve been waiting for more than a month for a response to this email I sent in June asking for more clarity on their incamera disclosure process.

*Note – I brought up my email in discussion with staff while at City Hall a few weeks back and was told that a response was drafted & forthcoming.

Why do I mention this? I do so because the city likes to praise themselves for their open data efforts and yet, something as basic as a set standard for where and how to reveal decisions made incamera isn’t yet established. I say this based on a subsequent conversation with Ms. Hamilton where she committed to responding to my original email and suggested that such a process (e.g., standardized ways of revealing incamera information) is still very much in process. Which is odd to me because you wouldn’t typically think that such a system should be so difficult. Especially when you’ve already praised yourselves for having created it back in 2014:

Open Meeting City Standards

See pages 11 – 12 in this document for more information):

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July 9 PLUC Summary & Observations

It was a big agenda for the planning and land use committee this Thursday but they worked through it (video here). I must say its been interesting watching Mayor Helps evolve in her role as chair, this morning in particular, I quite appreciated how she kept requiring the Corporate Officer (Mr. Woodland) and other members of Council to read out motions and amended motions as they came on the table. Their doing so made the whole thing much easier to follow.

Says the person who is heads down tweeting the whole time!

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March 12 GPC Summary & Observations

It was about 3 hours of meetings this morning for the #vicgpc – and good news, the Granicus video system is working again. As I anticipated in my Early Thoughts, many items got passed through in the consent agenda and discussion on both the Johnson Street Bridge and the Wastewater treatment proposal was really superficial and high level. Of note is that the large schwack of minute meetings that were approved have yet to be uploaded to CivicWeb.

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March 12 GPC Early Thoughts

There is an assortment of items on the agenda for GPC tomorrow. First up is adoption of a whole schwack of meeting minutes which seems to be poor form because typical meeting practice is that you adopt the minutes from the previous meeting at your current meeting. On the agenda tomorrow is adoption of 10 sets of GPC minutes ranging from February 2 – February 26.

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