June 18 GPC Summary & Observations

I totally called it with my prediction for a record short meeting this morning – all told the public section was 36 minutes long. It is important to note however that this minor public section was sandwiched between two incamera sessions (8am and then after the public meeting) where three items of incamera discussion occurred (e.g., personnel, an easement under Bay Street, and a proposed municipal mutual aid service as presented by the Fire Chief).

You can find the meeting agenda here and the meeting video here.

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June 18 GPC Early Thoughts

I must say that I found myself depressed after reading the “reports” attached to the June 18 GPC agenda. I say reports in quotations “” because the  major share of the 36 pages on the agenda seem to be a regurgitation of previous stuffs. That said, I do find it interesting how the GPC meeting tomorrow actually starts at 8am  with a one hour incamera discussion on Personnel as facilitated by Ms. Jenkyns, Conference Centre Manager and Deputy City Manager.

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April 15 Special Strategic Plan & Budget GPC

The fourth in a series of GPC meetings occurred this morning at 8am. Of note is that the same general agenda has been used for the past 4 days with some items added and some items removed (such as the council motion to prohibit sheltering in certain parks) as we’ve gone along. The focus of today (the third 8am meeting in a row) was to finalize proposed amendments to the draft strategic plan, and unlike with the proposed budget amendments, an update document was not provided on today’s agenda. This made things hard to track.  Continue reading April 15 Special Strategic Plan & Budget GPC