March 12 GPC Early Thoughts

There is an assortment of items on the agenda for GPC tomorrow. First up is adoption of a whole schwack of meeting minutes which seems to be poor form because typical meeting practice is that you adopt the minutes from the previous meeting at your current meeting. On the agenda tomorrow is adoption of 10 sets of GPC minutes ranging from February 2 – February 26.

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Priority Based Budgeting – Early Thoughts

As noted in the City of Victoria’s Budget at a Glance document:

The City is undertaking a new approach to the financial planning process, moving away from expense-based budgeting and towards budgeting by priorities, outlining services and capital projects, including the costs, revenues and benefits of each.

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Feb 10 Budget Summary

Today there was an hour long “Special Governance and Priorities” meeting scheduled and the purpose of this meeting was for staff to provide Council with a high level overview of the draft 2015-19 Financial Plan for the City of Victoria.

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