My Relationship with Faith

This article is inspired by two tweets I received from Mayor Helps, one last night and one this afternoon. The first tweet appeared to be a response from her reading my tweets from yesterday’s GPC (I sit and live tweet all City meetings for those of you not on twitter) and then earlier this afternoon she retweeted one of my other tweets that I also made yesterday. It was this 2nd one that surprised me and inspired me to respond on my blog.

So what were the tweets? Continue reading My Relationship with Faith

May 7 GPC Summary & Observations

It was actually a pretty good meeting this morning with some interesting presentations from staff and decent questions from Council (video here). The agenda had some late additions but these were the item powerpoint decks which are typically only added after meetings. I really wish they would be added before meetings because then I could tweet them out in addition to the relevant staff report or council motion when a given item comes up on the table.

People seem to like it when I do that. So what happened today? Continue reading May 7 GPC Summary & Observations

April 14 Special Budget & Strategic Plan GPC

There was a 3rd meeting (video here) this morning as Council gathered in their GPC format to finalize amendments to the draft financial plan and start working on proposed amendments to the draft strategic plan. Once again it was an 8am meeting and Mayor Helps was actually the one who let me into City Hall this morning. She greeted me kindly and said that they had a media table set up for me in the Council chambers.  Continue reading April 14 Special Budget & Strategic Plan GPC