September 10 PLUC Summary & Observations

It was a brief meeting this morning (agenda here and final motions here). Councillors Coleman & Thornton-Joe were absent and the only real thought I had observing the rest of them, is that the meeting (like so many others) played out like game of Ping Pong. The context is always somewhat competitive and usually only partially thought out because hey, you have to move quickly to hit the small ball and win. Isn’t that what running a city is all about?

I digress. So what happened this morning (video here)?

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May 14 PLUC Summary & Observations

Can’t say I enjoyed the PLUC meeting this morning – I’m also not feeling well today, so that didn’t help. I did find it amusing though that staff were chatting amongst themselves beforehand about how they thought it would be a quick one. Council sure proved them wrong (1.5 hours) despite the short agenda. I even tweeted at one point:

PLUC Frustration

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