July 9 PLUC Summary & Observations

It was a big agenda for the planning and land use committee this Thursday but they worked through it (video here). I must say its been interesting watching Mayor Helps evolve in her role as chair, this morning in particular, I quite appreciated how she kept requiring the Corporate Officer (Mr. Woodland) and other members of Council to read out motions and amended motions as they came on the table. Their doing so made the whole thing much easier to follow.

Says the person who is heads down tweeting the whole time!

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May 14 Council Summary & Observations

It was a pretty average Council meeting on Thursday (agenda here) and it was fairly well attended by folks speaking to a proposed 18 storey building on Yates St (#960-62) and a GPC decision for the city to regulate Medical Marihuana. The weekly proclamations were random as usual and made me think that I’ll have to send in a request for “City Council Live Tweeter Appreciation Week” one of these days.

So what happened?

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