May 21 GPC Summary & Observations

It was a fairly lengthy meeting this morning despite the relatively short agenda. Issues like the  Urban Forest Management Plan, community mailboxes and a simple advocacy motion for a PTSD presumptive clause in WCB legislation (like they have in Alberta) all took a fair bit of time to work through. Of note is that the meeting started off with removal of the 1st quarter financial update from the agenda – apparently it will come back with the 1st quarter departmental reports once they come available. In June maybe?

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May 21 GPC Early Thoughts

Pretty basic stuff on the agenda for GPC tomorrow. As always,  some thoughts on the various items up for discussion and decision  are provided in this post.

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Priority Based Budgeting – Objective #9

Today we looked at Objective # 9: Complete a Multi-Modal and Active Transportation Network. As noted in this draft Strategic plan (see pages 12-13), this was the most popular objective with possibly the largest number of associated Outcomes and Actions. I have made a direct clip of their Feb 3 discussion of this objective and provided it below. Continue reading Priority Based Budgeting – Objective #9