Co-operative Housing in Greater Victoria

Today we want to share with you an editorial on the issue of co-operative housing from a passionate community advocate, Patty Shaw who is also profiled in the Sunday edition of the Times Colonist. We here at Victorian Analysis have no personal experience with co-op housing but wanted to learn more after observing the City of Victoria Mayor’s Task Force on Affordable Housing and also hearing Ms. Shaw speak to Saanich Council earlier this month.

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July 16 GPC Summary & Observations

The meeting started off well on Thursday (agenda here), but it then got frustrating and tiresome once Council (in their Governance & Priorities format) started sliding off topic and speaking around issues instead of to the immediate items at the table. Mind you, their doing so was also fascinating in the sense that it made me reflect on why I was reacting to them the way I did and why it was that I was getting frustrated and confused instead of just tweeting everything.

I realized that it has to do with process.  Continue reading July 16 GPC Summary & Observations

Capital Region Housing Corporation

I found some inspiration this past weekend and realized that I needed to start applying my @analysevic twitter services to the vast and complex array of meetings that occur at the Capital Regional District. Why?  Everyone says the CRD is mess and the only way to solve messes is to draw attention to them in real time.

As my first official adventure in CRD transparency I attended a 30 minute meeting of the Capital Region Housing Corporation because it was the first meeting of the week listed on the CRD’s obnoxiously inadequate calendar page (from which nothing is hyperlinked) and also because the City of Victoria likes to talk a lot about affordable housing and I’ve never been too clear on who all does what with affordable housing across the CRD. Continue reading Capital Region Housing Corporation

My feedback on draft housing affordability recommendations

Here is what I just submitted to in accordance with the guidance provided on the City website specific to the actions of the Mayor’s task force on Affordable Housing. For context on my item specific responses please note that I have simply created a sequential list of the recommendations identified in this short report from the city explaining the need for and proposed sequencing of each recommendation. Continue reading My feedback on draft housing affordability recommendations

Housing Affordability Task Force Workshop

I wanted to write something about the Affordable Housing Task force workshop that I attended on Monday night. But I have struggled to pull something useful together about this event that was held to receive input on the proposed draft recommendations that have been put forward. I can tell you the first thing I did was put these recommendations in a spreadsheet so that they made more sense to look at.

Here by the way is a PDF of this spreadsheet which neatly depicts how the 25 recommendations are captured by two main themes and spread across 3 years (2016-18). The two themes include: Continue reading Housing Affordability Task Force Workshop

Priority Based Budgeting – Objective # 6

Today we look at Objective #6: Make Victoria More Affordable to examine Council intentions and plans for financing proposed initiatives.  One point of caution regarding this objective is that associated items also seem to appear in various other areas of the City’s draft strategic plan, which will either make things more efficient or cumbersome going forward when the City moves towards implementation and assessment of their efforts.

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