Council Performance – How do we assess it?

Given that we are in an election year, I propose the creation and application of a value based rubric to council performance. Following an opportunity for public feedback, I will be applying this rubric to the performance of Saanich Council.

Why Saanich? Because I pay taxes to Saanich as a homeowner.

Some values that I propose using include:

  1. Input: How often do they speak at the meeting (e.g, on a scale of Vicki never says much to Fred never stops talking).
  2. Quality of input: Are they actually saying useful things, or are the speaking just to hear themselves speak? Please note, that Quality of Input will be assessed on the totally biased but generally fair “Jaclyn Scale of Usefulness”.
  3. Preparation: Have they read all the agenda attachments? Do they seem to understand what is going on?
  4. Procedure: For if and when they do speak, is it in accordance with the Saanich Council Procedure bylaw?
  5. Recovery: Do they help bring things back around when discussion around the Council table goes off the rails?

As for anyone who suggests the job of council is far more than what actually happens at the Council table, I suggest you get in touch and we can talk  because that is also something I want to document in advance of the upcoming election – that being, what is it that our Saanich elected officials actually do.