Saanich vs. Victoria

As you all know I’ve been spending a lot of time observing what goes on in the City of Victoria Council chambers. So much so that sometime I feel as though I’ve lost my grip on reality. Truthfully. In order to get it back, I have been making the rounds to other municipalities, as well as checking out the CRD as a way of gathering some context. Through these visit I’ve come to see how different everyone is, particularly Saanich (largest population) and Victoria (largest budget).

Here is a sample of some such differences.  Continue reading Saanich vs. Victoria

April 30 Council Summary & Observations

It was a quick 47 minute meeting last night (agenda here & video here). Not many folks were there. In fact, half the folks who signed up to speak to Council weren’t even there since they expected, based on previous practice to not need to be there until at least 8pm. Speaking of which, did you know that the publicly available Council procedure bylaw actually sets 7:30pm (not 7:00pm) as the meeting start time (see part 3, page 7). I assume this should be updated.

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Early Thoughts on Budget Materials

As mentioned many times already, Council for the City of Victoria gave first reading to their 2015-19 five year financial plan bylaw last Thursday February 26. And my reason for continually harping back to this, is that legislation requires that a public consultation process is undertaken before adoption of this financial plan. Continue reading Early Thoughts on Budget Materials

Feb 26 Council Early Thoughts

The agenda for the Council meeting tomorrow night seems manageable – I may just have to do a Council challenge and attend both meetings again. Better rest up tonight! [edit – now that I’ve done my review, I change my mind. It looks like a long one!] Continue reading Feb 26 Council Early Thoughts

Day 2 Departmental Financial Presentations

Today was the second of three 3 hour meetings for City of Victoria departments to make presentations to the Victoria City Council regarding the 2015-19 Draft Financial Plan. Video from the meeting this morning is available here. Continue reading Day 2 Departmental Financial Presentations

Day 1 Dept Financial Plan Presentation Summary

Video from this morning’s presentation is available here. The ppt that Directors essentially read off of for their department budget presentations is available here. The whole thing was kind of odd, and I found it especially interesting when Mayor Helps started the meeting off by expressing her understanding of the budget process – she said: Continue reading Day 1 Dept Financial Plan Presentation Summary

Draft Plan Components

The City of Victoria held its first day of departmental presentations (staff ppt here) this morning, and I will be providing a review of this meeting later today.  What I wanted to provide first, was an easier to access version of the draft financial plan document than what is currently available: 2015-19 Draft Financial Plan – don’t click it’s a beast! Continue reading Draft Plan Components

Departmental Budget Presentations Day 1

Tomorrow (Monday February 16 9:00am – noon) is the first day of actual department by department presentations on the 2015-19 draft Financial Plan for the City of Victoria. And as a solid reflection of the City’s commitment to accessibility, there are no attachments on the agenda faceplate. Continue reading Departmental Budget Presentations Day 1