BC Mayoral Campaign $ Disclosure

Because I am the type of geek that I am, I decided to take a look through the financial disclosure forms of mayoral candidates for all major BC communities. By compiling a list of all campaigns with costs in excess of $40,000 I found some interesting trends.

And yes, this was driven by my desire to investigate whether or not it is common for major mayoral campaigns to be run just by volunteers – such as was the case with Ida Chong in Victoria.

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Mayoral Campaign $ Disclosure

Local election disclosure statements are now available from the 2014 election. They are hosted on the Elections BC website.

This is my review of costs disclosed by Mayoral Candidates for the City of Victoria 2014 municipal election. There were eight candidates throughout the campaign and four of these candidates (the main four) spent a significant amount of money.  Continue reading Mayoral Campaign $ Disclosure