May 28 Council Summary & Observations

It was a pretty standard Council meeting on Thursday (agenda here & video here). I really enjoyed the young piano players from the Royal Conservatory of Music who performed prior to the start of the meeting and I was glad that the meeting was over before 9pm. In general, there should really be a hard and fast rule that no public meetings go past 9pm in the first place.

So what happened? Continue reading May 28 Council Summary & Observations

March 19 PLUC – Early Thoughts

It is a decently sized agenda for PLUC on Thursday, with a number of items that should warrant significant conversation. That said, I’m disinclined to think that much discussion will occur because staff involvement and guidance seem to have hit a new low this week – as evidenced in the abysmal level of supporting information available for big items. Continue reading March 19 PLUC – Early Thoughts