July 23 Council Summary & Observations

So I learned a lot about plastic bags and the efforts of the Divest Victoria group while attending the lengthy Council meeting on Thursday (video here agenda here). Why was the meeting so long? Well mostly because a total of 17 people signed up for their respective 5 minutes to address Council and all but 3 of these groups were on the topics of banning plastic bags and socially responsible investing, as driven by the Divest Victoria group.

Annie Bag Monster

This clip (see below) from the especially verbose Councillor Isitt (maybe because he missed Planning and Land Use meeting earlier in the day) neatly encapsulates the general level of municipal operational professionalism at play on Thursday night. Continue reading July 23 Council Summary & Observations

May 28 PLUC Summary & Observations

Apologies for the delayed post. I had it written on Thursday but my partner made me rewrite it. He said my original was too cynical and that all I did was complain. When I tried to explain to him that my brief treatment of meeting items was reflective of the level of attention seemingly paid by Council, he said “that’s not good enough. I want you to do better”.

So I took today to think.

PLUC on Thursday was a frustrating meeting (video here). It also illustrated for me the inherent difficulties and limitations of having the same people sit around the same decision-making table for too long. And I say this for two reasons: 1) When you’re at the table for a long time you’ve got all the inside information and as a result you’re less likely to do any public summary or recap because, hey, you’ve been dealing with this issue for many years, and; 2) When an issue has been at the table for a long time, the last thing you want to do is really deal with it (or at leasts that’s the impression I get) so you assume it’s being dealt with.

Which is to say that both staff and council seemed rather apathetic on Thursday. I found that discouraging. So what all happened? Continue reading May 28 PLUC Summary & Observations