Priority Based Budgeting – Objective # 13

We briefly look at our final Objective of the 2015-18 Strategic Plan and wonder about just how Council for the City of Victoria plans to Demonstrate Regional Leadership.

Strategic Objective # 13 (see page 17)

There is one Outcome associated with this Objective:

2018 Outcome

  • Put a recommendation in front of the public in the 2018 Election.

There is one Action associated with this Objective:

2015-18 Action 

  • Support and work with the Provincial government in the study of the potential for amalgamation in the Region.

There is one Consideration associated with this Objective:

  • Council led actions with staff analysis as needed.

Lastly, as a hallmark of Priority Based Budgeting (the new city of Victoria emphasis), the section for Estimated Resources associated with Demonstrates Regional Leadership includes:

  • Not applicable

So What Does This Mean?

As I noted in my summary of Council’s strategic planning discussion, this issue of Amalgamation turned into quite the fiery debate due to differences of opinions amongst the Councillors. It was just a week after this item got added to the draft strategic plan that Council considered a request from the Amalgamation Yes group to forward Council’s support for an amalgamation study to the Minister.

And as noted in the minutes for this meeting of February 12th, Council had to first amend these guideline materials provided by Amalgamation Yes prior to sending their support to the Minister (see pages 11-13). Which is just to suggest that this leadership objectives may be harder than it looks, because don’t they always say that a good leader is clear, consistent and rewards the efforts of others?


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