My Council Challenge

The Victoria Council challenge is an idea I first came up with last summer. The premise of it is simple and because my BA was in psychology, I initially thought of doing an experiment with a group of citizens. I wanted to see if I could gather 9 people in a room, have them sit at a group table for 2, possible three meetings in one day for a collective 6 -12 hours as is regularly required of Victoria city council and staff. 

As a key part of the experiment, I would test their emotional well being and general cognitive reasoning at the start of the day of meetings (9am), and then I would test them again when the meetings finally ended (at 11pm or later).

For reasons of practically and resources, doing this sort of experiment is simply not feasible and so I’ve taken the challenge on for myself. Today, I attended the Victoria Governance and Priorities meeting which ran from 9am – 2:30pm and I will attend the Victoria Council meeting tonight which starts at 7pm. Based on recent Council meeting minutes, it seems I can expect the meeting tonight to go until 11pm.

This will mean that I will have sat through and live tweeted 9 hours of meetings – producing an estimated 200+ tweets) where important decisions were required by those at the table. I will then report out on how I feel at the end of it. Barely conscious is my guess. I need to start reviewing Council agenda items now if I want to have any chance of intelligently tweeting about what goes on.

Wish me luck!

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