May 14 Council Early Thoughts

Just wanted to share some thoughts on the Public Hearings and a few other items on the Council agenda for tomorrow. One thing to note straight off is that Proclamation of Local Government Awareness week (the same week as Public Works Week) is not on the agenda.

How rude I say!

Public Hearing 1: 960-62 Yates Street

This is a proposal to rezone a single-storey commercial building with  surface parking, which under current zoning (S-1 Zone Limited Service District) could be developed up to 1.5:1 FSR with a maximum height of 15m for use as things like restaurants, clubs, garages, automobile rental and retail sales.

960 yates

The proposed new zone R3-C-Y Central Area Residential Yates Street District would allow for 5.5:1 FSR and 18 storeys. A variance will also be required for reduced residential and commercial parking for the proposed 88 residential units and two ground-floor commercial units. Of note is that when this proposal came through PLUC back on February 19th it was passed through quite quickly with Councillor Thornton-Joe speaking to the need of “crime safe” design and Isitt wondering about the density bonus system.

Then on February 26, 2015 (see page 15-16 in minutes), Council apparently amended the PLUC recommendation to revise the allocation of community amenities ($260k) as detailed in the third party land lift analysis, with a larger portion ($100k) of the funds being directed to the Housing Reserve Fund. This was then followed by an April report under Unfinished Business, that was passed by Council with no discussion, regarding associated legal agreements that had to be in place before the Public Hearing could occur.

Here is the presentation that will be shown tomorrow.

Public Hearing # 2: 1435 Brooke Street

This is a very simple proposal for a parking variance to allow for a parking space in the front yard of a dwelling unit located at 1435 Brooke Street in order to facilitate the conversion of a garage into a recreation room. It got passed on the Consent Agenda (e.g., with no discussion) when it came before PLUC on April 16th, which is to say that this item has moved quickly.

Here is the presentation that will be shown tomorrow.

Public Hearing # 3: 1961 Douglas Street

This item was also considered at the February 19th PLUC.  Unlike the 18 storey building proposed for 960-62 Yates Street that was also considered that day, this proposal for a small addition to the existing hotel and the conversion of an an existing office to a hotel room was passed on the Consent agenda (e.g., with no discussion).


And yet the two items come to Public Hearing on the same day. Odd no? Here is the presentation that will be shown tomorrow.

Other Things of Interest

There are at least 4 people signed up to talk tomorrow about the recommendation from last week’s (May 7th) GPC for increased city regulation of Medical marihuana related businesses, as noted in the report from GPC on the Council agenda tomorrow:

That Council direct staff to bring forward for Council’s consideration:

  • Proposed bylaw amendments aimed at mitigating community impacts and concerns associated with the operation of medical marihuana-related businesses at a town hall meeting prior to Council’s consideration of the proposed bylaw amendments.
  • A proposed compliance and enforcement strategy consistent with the proposed new regulations.

Honestly the weirdest most vague motion I’ve ever seen. The people speaking tomorrow should be concerned.


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