March 26 Council Early Thoughts

There does not appear to be anything too major on the Council agenda tomorrow. Here are some of the highlights. 


There are a lot of proclamations on the agenda including:

  • “Autism Awareness Day” – April 2nd, 2015
  • “Everybody Matters Day” – April 5th, 2015
  • “Canadian Oncology Nursing Day” – April 7th, 2015
  • “Kiwanis International Day” – March 19th, 2015
  • “Organ and Tissue Donor Awareness Month” – April 2015
  • “International Day of Pink” – April 8th, 2015

March 26 Proclamations

Public Hearings

There are a number of Public Hearings on the agenda:

2208 Lydia Street – Rezoning & DP with Variances

This is a hearing to to rezone land known as 2208 Lydia Street from the R1-B, Single Family Dwelling District, to the R1-B-GS2 Zone, Single Family Dwelling with Garden Suite District, to permit the construction of a garden suite.

Here is the staff report on the rezoning request.

Here is correspondence from someone against the rezoning.

Here is the PPT that will be shown by staff tomorrow.

Additionally here is the staff report associated with the variance required to construct the new garden suite permitted by the rezoning, and the variance is apparently to reduce the separation space between a garden suite and a single family dwelling from 2.4m to 2m (under Part 1.113, Section 1.113.5(d)) of the garden suite zone.

1330 Ivy Place – Rezoning & DP with Variances

This is a hearing to rezone land known as 1330 Ivy Place from the R1-B Zone, Single Family Dwelling District, to the R1-S2 Zone, Restricted Small Lot (TwoStorey) District, to permit subdivision and construction of a new small lot singlefamily dwelling.

The supporting items for this proposal are individually linked:

Also associated with the proposal at 1330 Ivy Place is a Development Permit application with Variances that would be needed to build the second house on the new lot if the rezoning is permitted. Variances would be required for both houses and are related to setbacks (e.g. distance from building to lot line) on all sides.

I imagine there will be a lot of neighbours there tomorrow.

301 & 303 St. Lawrence St – Rezoning & DP

This is a hearing to amend the Zoning Regulation Bylaw:

(a)to create a RK-27 Zone, St. Lawrence Street Townhouse District, to permit attached dwellings in addition to single family dwellings and two family dwellings, with specific regulations for lot area, lot width, floor space ratio, floor area, building height, setbacks, site coverage, open site space and vehicle and bicycle parking;

(b)to rezone the lands known as 301-303 St. Lawrence Street from R-2 Zone, Two Family Dwelling District, to the new RK-27 Zone, St.              Lawrence Street Townhouse District, to permit four townhouse units.

Here is the January staff report for this development.

Here is the October staff report for this development.

Here are a number of pieces of correspondence from neighbours on this proposal – and in reading through them it seems most are opposed to the development. It was clarified for me however that this opposition was from after the development proposal had been changed, and that it has apparently since been returned to the original.

Here is the PPT that will be shown tomorrow.

Additionally, here is the staff report relating to the Development permit required to build the new buildings. It will be curious to see what happens tomorrow, the neighbours are apparently content.

Panhandle & Small Lot – House Keeping

This is a public hearing to amend the Zoning Regulation Bylaw for the purposes of amending the definitions contained in Schedule A related to the terms “lot”, “private garage” and “semi-attached dwelling”, and by amending the R1-A Zone, Rockland Single Family Dwelling District; R1-B Zone, Single Family Dwelling District; R1-G Zone, Gonzales Single Family Dwelling District; and R-2 Zone, Two Family Dwelling District, to better define the regulations related to site area and lot width required for single family dwellings and panhandle lots and to introduce new General Regulations to clarify the interpretation of the Bylaw.

Here is the staff report that details these changes, and here is the amending bylaw. I can’t seem to find the General Regulations mind you.

Hearings Requests to Address Council

A lot of people are signed up to speak for their five minutes to Council and it looks as though many are speaking on the theme of supervised consumption sites, a strategic priority of Council.

Susan Abells, Committee to End Homelessness Victoria, re: The City of Victoria work to facilitate better Neighbourhood Agreements

Seb Bonet, VIPIRG, re: Good Neighbour Agreement Resolution

Kristen Kvakic, AID Vancouver Island, re: Good Neighbour Agreements

Bernice Kamano, CAP, re: Good Neighbour Agreements

Katie Lacroix, Society of Living Illicit Drug Users (SOLID), re: Better Neighbour Agreements

Barbara Eadie, Clubhouse International / Mental Health – Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Other Items

There are a list of other items that will be moved by Council tomorrow. I’m not going to bother reviewing them though since I assume they will all be passed through and signed off on without much, if any discussion.

All I can say is that it looks like there will be a lot of public hearings two weeks from now – on April 16th with six developments on the agenda.

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