June 11 Council Early Thoughts

It is a big agenda for tomorrow night, which probably means a long meeting. So what are the major items to look forward to?

Public Hearing # 1 Round House Development 

There is a ridiculous amount of information spread out across multiple attachments included in the agenda for this public hearing.

Roundhouse June 11 PH

The proposal is in relation to the mostly empty land located at 251-259 Esquimalt Road in Vic West. It was recently reviewed by PLUC on February 19th in relation to the Official Community Plan Amendments necessary to recognize the proposed amendments Roundhouse Design Guidelines. And judging by the sheer number of reports on the agenda, there appears to have been some additional back and forth that’s gone on since then.

The most recent report (dated May 15th) on the page is a complex 144 pages. So what’s all up for tomorrow?

Quite frankly, rather than wade through all the inefficiently organized staff documents it is easier (thanks to me) to simply check out the applicant’s letter requesting the OCP amendments and other permits as well as their letter requesting the Roundhouse Variance & Heritage Alteration permits necessary to get work going at the site.

I’m hoping the staff and applicant presentations tomorrow will provide some clarity on how the proposed development will interact with the rail lines at the site because from what I’ve seen of this Council, they’re determined to get some aspect of it going again.

My summary of the Feb 19th PLUC is here.

Public Hearing # 2 – 2121 Douglas Street

This is an item I actually haven’t seen yet in my time observing Council. It seems like a pretty straight forward request to rezone the land from the C-SS zone, Special Service Station District, to the C1-S Zone, Limited Service Station District to permit an expanded range of commercial uses – as it is actually the parent zone of the other.

2121 Douglas Street

As noted in the most recent staff report, the proposal includes upgrading the existing 105 m2 one-storey building, adding landscaping along Douglas Street and a portion of Princess Avenue, and removing one of two driveways on Douglas Street. The upgraded building and improved site is “expected to be attractive to retail, office or high tech uses”.

Here is the presentation that will be shown tomorrow night.

Public Hearing # 3 821-27 Broughton Street 

This is that Development Variance Permit which is required so that the applicant can establish a dentist office in a heritage building.

827 Broughton Street

The variance is required because there is not enough parking at site.

I doubt anyone will come out to talk to this tomorrow.

Public Hearing # 4 120 Gorge Road East

This is the Development Permit with Variances required to finish phase 2 of the Siem Lelum House and because the City has been an active partner in the development of this site I imagine it will go through quickly tomorrow. However there do seem to be some concerns in the neighbourhood about how this proposal impacts walkability along Gorge road.

Here is a poor quality visual of the planned & current site.

120 Gorge Road

Should be interesting to see what happens and who talks.

My notes on the March 19th PLUC are here.

Public Hearing # 5 1015 Rockland

This is the Development Permit with Variances for a proposed 4 storey 14 unit building that had to come back to Council due to minor design changes for seismic reasons that ate of some of the originally designated parking space.

1015 Rockland

The most notable thing about PLUC’s discussion on this proposal back on April 16th was community pushback in response to the major nuisance of a massive sales centre (seen above) that had been installed across the street from the development site. As far as I know, this building has since been removed so I don’t imagine there will be too many angry people out at the Public Hearing tomorrow.

Other Stuff on the Agenda Tomorrow

I’m sure there will be a lot of folks at the meeting tomorrow to see what Council ends up doing with their Housing Action Plan, especially since there has been a lot of seemingly inaccurate media coverage and general misinformation being spread about since last Thursday. I recommend checking out my summary of how this issue was discussed by GPC last Thursday for some actual context.


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