Co-operative Housing in Greater Victoria

Today we want to share with you an editorial on the issue of co-operative housing from a passionate community advocate, Patty Shaw who is also profiled in the Sunday edition of the Times Colonist. We here at Victorian Analysis have no personal experience with co-op housing but wanted to learn more after observing the City of Victoria Mayor’s Task Force on Affordable Housing and also hearing Ms. Shaw speak to Saanich Council earlier this month.

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My Relationship with Faith

This article is inspired by two tweets I received from Mayor Helps, one last night and one this afternoon. The first tweet appeared to be a response from her reading my tweets from yesterday’s GPC (I sit and live tweet all City meetings for those of you not on twitter) and then earlier this afternoon she retweeted one of my other tweets that I also made yesterday. It was this 2nd one that surprised me and inspired me to respond on my blog.

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Insults & Sarcasm in Politics

As I persist in my efforts to observe and provide commentary on the actions and decisions of Mayor Helps and her Council here in Victoria BC, I find myself being accused of making inappropriate use of sarcasm and insults. It is an odd experience for me I must admit to hear from folks that they apparently want to support me and think I’m doing good work but at the same time, that they seem to want me to do the work differently. Continue reading Insults & Sarcasm in Politics

My Council Challenge

The Victoria Council challenge is an idea I first came up with last summer. The premise of it is simple and because my BA was in psychology, I initially thought of doing an experiment with a group of citizens. I wanted to see if I could gather 9 people in a room, have them sit at a group table for 2, possible three meetings in one day for a collective 6 -12 hours as is regularly required of Victoria city council and staff.  Continue reading My Council Challenge