Draft Plan Components

The City of Victoria held its first day of departmental presentations (staff ppt here) this morning, and I will be providing a review of this meeting later today.  What I wanted to provide first, was an easier to access version of the draft financial plan document than what is currently available: 2015-19 Draft Financial Plan – don’t click it’s a beast! Continue reading Draft Plan Components

Departmental Budget Presentations Day 1

Tomorrow (Monday February 16 9:00am – noon) is the first day of actual department by department presentations on the 2015-19 draft Financial Plan for the City of Victoria. And as a solid reflection of the City’s commitment to accessibility, there are no attachments on the agenda faceplate. Continue reading Departmental Budget Presentations Day 1

Feb 10 Budget Summary

Today there was an hour long “Special Governance and Priorities” meeting scheduled and the purpose of this meeting was for staff to provide Council with a high level overview of the draft 2015-19 Financial Plan for the City of Victoria.

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Government Street Property Tax

I’ve spent a little bit of time working in corporate services departments for two local governments, and I know from experience that nothing is ever as cut and dry, or clean and simple as it may seem. Any issue, however novel, always has a back story and every decision made inevitably has unanticipated consequences. With that in mind, I spent some time today trying to make sense of a newspaper article from yesterday and a news story from today.

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