4 CRD Meetings on October 7, 2015

The CRD is a hard beast to follow so consider this an experiment in sense making. There are four CRD meetings happening tomorrow and the purpose of this post is to provide a convenient summary of what you need to know to follow along with the proceedings. I personally think that the first two meetings will be the most interesting to watch.

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The CRD Website

Based on my discussions with the CRD Communications Manager (man named Andy Orr) the vastly complex CRD website is built on the assumption that folks will bookmark their pages of interest. Trouble with this assumption mind you, is that such an approach to website creation is not supportive of folks who are either new to the website or only visit infrequently.

Some illustrations of these inconveniences are as follows: Continue reading The CRD Website

Capital Region Housing Corporation

I found some inspiration this past weekend and realized that I needed to start applying my @analysevic twitter services to the vast and complex array of meetings that occur at the Capital Regional District. Why?  Everyone says the CRD is mess and the only way to solve messes is to draw attention to them in real time.

As my first official adventure in CRD transparency I attended a 30 minute meeting of the Capital Region Housing Corporation because it was the first meeting of the week listed on the CRD’s obnoxiously inadequate calendar page (from which nothing is hyperlinked) and also because the City of Victoria likes to talk a lot about affordable housing and I’ve never been too clear on who all does what with affordable housing across the CRD. Continue reading Capital Region Housing Corporation

Land Use Across the CRD

Building from my Saanich vs. Victoria comparison I decided to look at how each of the 13 municipalities make their Land Use and Development information available from their websites. My approach to documenting such availability was to visit each homepage and then look for “Planning/Development/Land Use” or “Department/Services” headers or icons – with an assumption that all associated information would be linked accordingly.

In the process of doing so I have compiled links  to each municipality’s Official Community Plan because these documents set out general planning principles and Development Permit Areas, and Zoning bylaws because these documents set out specific requirements for land use and building massing. It should be noted that OCPs are intended to be updated every five years and Zoning bylaws are intended to updated following adoption of a new OCP.

Municipalities are organized alphabetically in this post.

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My 1st CRD Meeting

I decided to attend my first official CRD meeting this morning. I had been once before in 2014 when sewage had been on the table, and all I remember was that I kept yelling at then Director Fortin to use his mic. I was a bit better behaved today but only because I was sitting at their media table that also doubles as an agenda holding table. So what was on today?

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