Feb 5 GPC Phase 1 Strategic Planning Process Now Complete

This meeting (Thursday Feb 5) was a bit of an odd one (video available here), with the agenda consisting of two parts: The original strategic planning process report from Mayor Lisa Helps, and a written summary of the strategic Actions and Outcomes that had been identified and plotted in the previous meeting on February 3. Continue reading Feb 5 GPC Phase 1 Strategic Planning Process Now Complete

Feb 3 GPC Strategic Planning Summary

This is my summary of deliberations that occurred yesterday on Tuesday February 3 (9:00am – 3:00pm) when Victoria Council met in an informal Governance and Priorities format to continue with their 2015-2018 Strategic Plan efforts. Video of this meeting is available here from the City video service. Continue reading Feb 3 GPC Strategic Planning Summary

Feb 5 PLUC Early Thoughts

The PLUC Agenda can be found here.

I found it curious reading through the minutes of the PLUC meeting from last week (January 29, 2015) because I thought the meeting was fascinating and there were so many interesting things that were said by staff and by Council with their planning and land use hats on. However only a small portion of this actually ended up in the minutes. The majority of text instead, is taken up by essentially copied and pasted recommendation from staff reports – and sometimes three nearly identical versions of same motion appears in the minutes pageas as a result of PLUC amendments to the motion at hand.
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Victoria Council is putting together their 2015-2018 Strategic Plan this week.  Public meeting sessions are as scheduled:

  • Today 10am – 12pm
  • Tuesday, Feb 3 9:00am – 3pm
  • Thursday Feb 5, 12:00pm – 4:00pm


Government Street Property Tax

I’ve spent a little bit of time working in corporate services departments for two local governments, and I know from experience that nothing is ever as cut and dry, or clean and simple as it may seem. Any issue, however novel, always has a back story and every decision made inevitably has unanticipated consequences. With that in mind, I spent some time today trying to make sense of a newspaper article from yesterday and a news story from today.

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