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Victorian Analysis is a new voice on local government here in greater Victoria region. We focus primarily on Victoria City Hall and the Capital Regional District (CRD) but we also head out to the District of Saanich  and to the District of Oak Bay when time allows.

Unlike conventional media coverage that focuses exclusively on big ticket items and controversies, Victorian Analysis looks behind the scenes and at the players to figure things out. And because we actually enjoy local government our focus is on innovation and inspiration instead of anger and disappointment.

In case you’re wondering “why the name” we believe it represents a balance between tradition and the need for interpretation – think of it like a modern version of Freudian Analysis but for local governments who really need to reflect on the whys and hows of their business because the responsibilities of local governments have changed and grown dramatically in the last 100+ plus years. It is time for us as residents, business owners and community members to demand that the ways of our local governments evolve pragmatically as well.

And we say this because allowing your Council to always do the same thing or work the same way while expecting a different result is a version of insanity and sanity is needed if we want want our toilets to flush and our communities to be safe and prosperous and everything else.

What drives us here at Victorian Analysis is a strong desire to introduce modern technology and social expectations to municipal politics and governance by way of modern information management standards and practices. We want to see structured and transparent conversation and we want to ensure that all records related to big issues and decisions made are easily accessible. Because when information management is poorly done, the integrity of the government system (e.g., fairness and accountability as required by a myriad of policies, bylaws and legislative authorities) gets compromised.

It is here that Victorian Analysis steps into the game.

What Services are Provided by Victorian Analysis?

A big thing we do is live-tweet Council and committee meetings using our twitter account (@AnalyseVic) to provide you with real time access to local government proceedings. As part of this tweeting we provide direct links to agenda content and a continuous stream of factual 140 character tweets relating to presentations, questions, comments and decisions as they are made. Follow us on Twitter and we’ll keep you in the know!

And if you’re not on Twitter, you should sign up right a way because following us on Twitter is your easiest and best way of knowing what is or has gone on in a  given meeting.

Another thing we do is provide regular content on here on our website. Prior to any Council or Committee meeting we spend multiple hours reading all agenda attachments and then writing what we call  ​Early Thoughts articles because these let you know what’s coming up and it also prepares us for the work of live-tweeting, which is harder than you think! Then when meetings are over we review our own tweets and produce what we call ​Summary and Observations where we reflect on decisions made and offer analysis of issues raised.

A final thing we would like to do more of is in-depth investigation, reporting and analysis on request. For instance, have you ever wanted to know how much it costs to run a business in Victoria vs Saanich and how their permitting processes differ? Or have you ever wondered which municipality has the most transparent rezoning process? These are the kinds of things that I am very interested in and I ask that you get in touch with any specific ideas or requests you may have!

What drives Victorian Analysis?

A strong desire to introduce modern technology and social expectations to municipal politics and governance in a standardized way is what drives us at Victorian Analysis. We want to see structured and transparent conversation and we want to ensure that all records related to big issues and decisions made are easily accessible.

Does Victorian Analysis support Amalgamation

Yes. We are big supporters of amalgamation and we are still figuring out the exact shape that our support of this issue will take.

Who Is Behind Victorian Analysis?

Jaclyn Casler is the main face of Victoria Analysis. She was born and raised on Vancouver Island and has a BA (Psychology, Honours with Distinction) and a Masters in Public Administration (MPA) from the University of Victoria.


During the co-op terms for her MPA, Jaclyn worked for the BC Office of the Registrar of Lobbyists and Consumer Protection BC – two high profile BC government organizations. After successfully defending her Masters project in late 2012, An Analysis of Payday Lending Legislation in BC, Jaclyn went to work in Corporate Services departments for two small BC municipalities.

Her first position was in Northern BC, working for the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality. This was a very eye opening experience for Jaclyn as it was her first direct experience with high power big money politics – the lobbyists she previously tracked down to register were now calling her up to arrange meetings with the local mayor. The job paid a very large salary for a new graduate, but even that wasn’t fully satisfying because Jaclyn missed her community of like minded, politically curious Victorians.

After returning back to the Island, Jaclyn did a brief stint providing maternity relief for the Deputy Corporate Officer at the Village of Cumberland. She greatly enjoyed her experience and the opportunity to work with highly engaged residents and energetic co-workers. Jaclyn also learned how to mountain bike while in Cumberland and that was super fun!

Now that she is back in Victoria, Jaclyn has started Victorian Analysis as her way of breaking into the well established political scene. In her political downtime, Jaclyn enjoys photography, workouts at the gym, and studying web design.

Please connect with Jaclyn on LinkedIn.

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