June 25 PLUC Early Thoughts

If you look just at the number of pages (375) in the Planning and Land Use Committee agenda, you’d think it will be a big meeting tomorrow. But if you actually take a dive into it, you see that there are only 7 items and none of them seem to represent anything major or new. … Continue reading June 25 PLUC Early Thoughts

June 18 GPC Early Thoughts

I must say that I found myself depressed after reading the “reports” attached to the June 18 GPC agenda. I say reports in quotations “” because the  major share of the 36 pages on the agenda seem to be a regurgitation of previous stuffs. That said, I do find it interesting how the GPC meeting tomorrow actually starts … Continue reading June 18 GPC Early Thoughts

June 11 PLUC Early Thoughts

It looks like it will be a quick PLUC meeting tomorrow as the agenda is quite short. Which is good because the Council meeting is going to be a long one with lots of Public Hearings and that micro-housing issue on the the Council agenda. So what do we have in the morning at the … Continue reading June 11 PLUC Early Thoughts

June 4 GPC Early Thoughts

There is a large variety of items on the GPC agenda for Thursday. All told the meeting may go on for a while. I imagine the major news media (CTV etc) will also be there for the always “sexy” sheltering in parks issue for which a lengthy report appears in the middle of the agenda, … Continue reading June 4 GPC Early Thoughts

May 21 GPC Early Thoughts

Pretty basic stuff on the agenda for GPC tomorrow. As always,  some thoughts on the various items up for discussion and decision  are provided in this post.

May 14 Council Early Thoughts

Just wanted to share some thoughts on the Public Hearings and a few other items on the Council agenda for tomorrow. One thing to note straight off is that Proclamation of Local Government Awareness week (the same week as Public Works Week) is not on the agenda. How rude I say!

May 14 PLUC Early Thoughts

The agenda for this week’s PLUC has lost one of it’s major projects since it was published last Thursday, but that’s ok because it’s less work for us to do. It is curious to note however that the item (a combined OCP amendment and rezoning on Caledonia)  was removed “as per applicant’s request”. I’m curious as … Continue reading May 14 PLUC Early Thoughts