2018 Who to Vote for in Saanich

Ok folks….. its go time.

Saanich Polls are open until 8PM. Choose wisely.

Here’s more info about where to vote if needed.

My Mayoral Recommendations

There are 4 men on the ballot for Mayor of Saanich. One is the incumbent, Richard Atwell, another was a Saanich Councillor from 2014-18 Fred Haynes and the third legitimate candidate is Rob Wickson. My choice for many many reasons, is Rob Wickson.

If Richard gets elected again as Mayor of Saanich, sure fine.

If Fred gets elected as Mayor of Saanich, watch out.

Visit my Youtube channel for some videos of Rob and I chatting about relevant Mayoral stuffs. I suggest checking it out because when it all boils down to it, we here in Saanich will be better off with a Mayor who is actually there to be Mayor.

Both Richard and Fred have other intentions IMHO.

My recommendations for Council

New voices are listed first.

  1. Rebecca Mersereau: This lady is committed. She has tried and failed to get elected to Saanich Council many times. Based on this alone, I heard many folks say “oh she deserves to get elected this time” which I thought was stupid logic. But then I’ve since watched Rebecca in action and I’ve learned that she has grace, nuance and determination – three qualities that are needed in a big municipality with many angry voices.
  2. Trevor Barry: You know, the guy who plays the saxophone. I saw him at an all candidates debate. He was professional, he was mild mannered, he was articulate and he made lots of good points.
  3. Vernon Lord: I saw him at an all candidates debate. Older guy. Recent transplant from Oregon and an electrician. I have no idea what his actual chances are of being elected, but I thought he was practical. We need practical voices at Saanich Council.
  4. Nathalie Chambers: I never thought she would be on my list, but then I looked at my options and decided that I could vote for her and how she seems to wear her heart on her sleeve. She is committed and she is also easy to listen to with the almost childlike way in which she speaks.  An honest environmentalist would be a good balance to the rest.
  5. Judy Brownoff: I have always liked Judy. She is clear, she is engaged and she cares. She also goes out of her way to communicate and work to the benefit of Saanich. We are lucky that she chose to run again, even after all the public abuse she has received over the years.
  6. Colin Plant: Colin is an interesting guy. He is very energetic and from what I have seen, transparent in his good intentions. Colin is also there to serve. He is elected by us and he does not hesitate to call you up on a weekend to talk with you about a concern. He is also charming and very good at making the people around him feel good …. a rare quality in this negative world of ours.
  7. Susan Brice: The main thing I know about Susan, is that she is excellent at chairing meetings. I will also admit that when the Saanich mayoral question was between Richard and Fred, I had hoped that she would throw her hat in the ring. That said, my main reason for voting Brice this time around, is because both Saanich Council and CRD would suffer greatly from the loss of her institutional memory. I am also hoping that one day she will tell me what she thinks about during long meetings, when she starts looking off into the distance with that stately Susan Brice smile on her face.
  8. Karen Harper: I have thought and said many things about Karen Harper over the years, most of them negative. And while I considered not voting for her simply because of the many United for Saanich debacles that have occurred in the short municipal election campaign, she got my eighth vote. She got my vote because she is persistent and conscientious. She also got my vote because I’m very sure that if she had something else she wanted to do, other than municipal politics, she would be doing it.

So that is it folks. Get out and vote.


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