St. Andrews Rezoning Approved

It was a historic event last night (agenda here). Long serving Councillor Madoff said that she couldn’t recall being part of a longer approval process since the Eaton’s Centre in the 1980s. Looking to the audience there were a lot of familiar faces as we all gathered for the third time. Crowds were not quite as big as they were the first two nights and moods were generally tempered on all sides. Continue reading St. Andrews Rezoning Approved

A Decision With Many Implications

This is a post that I’ve started, stopped, edited and rewritten many times over the past few weeks. Prior to going away in August, I was quite good with the blogging. I’d easily push out multiple detailed articles a week. But since I’ve returned, nearly 6 weeks ago now I’ve only published 7 articles and attended fewer meetings.

Why the malaise?

I had to admit that observing the city process and community reaction related to the proposed Bosa Blue Sky Properties rezoning & redevelopment request of the old St. Andrews School site in North Park has really put a damper on my enthusiasm for continuing to function as a city observer (see my Proposal Summary article here). That a seemingly reasonable project proposal and opportunity to bring life into a dead area, regardless of competing arguments for community safety, can be blindly moved forward by Council only to be so thoroughly rejected by a militant group operating under the pretense of a local community is incredibly dispiriting. Continue reading A Decision With Many Implications

4 CRD Meetings on October 7, 2015

The CRD is a hard beast to follow so consider this an experiment in sense making. There are four CRD meetings happening tomorrow and the purpose of this post is to provide a convenient summary of what you need to know to follow along with the proceedings. I personally think that the first two meetings will be the most interesting to watch.

So what do we have going on? Continue reading 4 CRD Meetings on October 7, 2015

The CRD Website

Based on my discussions with the CRD Communications Manager (man named Andy Orr) the vastly complex CRD website is built on the assumption that folks will bookmark their pages of interest. Trouble with this assumption mind you, is that such an approach to website creation is not supportive of folks who are either new to the website or only visit infrequently.

Some illustrations of these inconveniences are as follows: Continue reading The CRD Website

Saanich Meeting Agenda October 5, 2015

The purpose of this post is to demonstrate how easy it is to provide an agenda that is easy to read and easy to locate your particular item of interest. I have taken the PDF agenda available from the District of Saanich website and broken it down into component sections.  Continue reading Saanich Meeting Agenda October 5, 2015