June 11 PLUC Early Thoughts

It looks like it will be a quick PLUC meeting tomorrow as the agenda is quite short. Which is good because the Council meeting is going to be a long one with lots of Public Hearings and that micro-housing issue on the the Council agenda. So what do we have in the morning at the Planning and Land Use Committee?

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June 4 GPC Summary & Observations

It was a long meeting on Thursday and I have to say this surprised me because it started off with Mayor Helps suggesting that more than half the agenda items go on the Consent Agenda (e.g., get passed with no discussion). The meeting still ended up being a long one because of how the remaining items were presented by staff, which is to say, had the issues been presented differently the resulting meeting would have been more efficient and more coherent.

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June 4 GPC Early Thoughts

There is a large variety of items on the GPC agenda for Thursday. All told the meeting may go on for a while. I imagine the major news media (CTV etc) will also be there for the always “sexy” sheltering in parks issue for which a lengthy report appears in the middle of the agenda, which means the poor camera guys will have to awkwardly hang around while the more mundane aspects of civic governance occur.

Good thing I’m there to live tweet eh! Yay Twitter!

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Housing Affordability Task Force Workshop

I wanted to write something about the Affordable Housing Task force workshop that I attended on Monday night. But I have struggled to pull something useful together about this event that was held to receive input on the proposed draft recommendations that have been put forward. I can tell you the first thing I did was put these recommendations in a spreadsheet so that they made more sense to look at.

Here by the way is a PDF of this spreadsheet which neatly depicts how the 25 recommendations are captured by two main themes and spread across 3 years (2016-18). The two themes include: Continue reading Housing Affordability Task Force Workshop