June 25 PLUC Summary & Observations

It was an interesting meeting on Thursday. Because you never know how long these meetings will go for I had a separate appointment booked for 11am yesterday and ended up only getting there right on time (almost missed my bus) because I really wanted to stay and see how the table voted on the Pandora development. So what all went on yesterday?

Here is the agenda for meeting.

Here is the video for the meeting.

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June 25 PLUC Early Thoughts

If you look just at the number of pages (375) in the Planning and Land Use Committee agenda, you’d think it will be a big meeting tomorrow. But if you actually take a dive into it, you see that there are only 7 items and none of them seem to represent anything major or new. Which is my way of suggesting that I doubt there will be much conversation tomorrow, perhaps because they’ll be conserving their energies for the in-camera update that will be occurring after the public meeting.

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Capital Region Housing Corporation

I found some inspiration this past weekend and realized that I needed to start applying my @analysevic twitter services to the vast and complex array of meetings that occur at the Capital Regional District. Why?  Everyone says the CRD is mess and the only way to solve messes is to draw attention to them in real time.

As my first official adventure in CRD transparency I attended a 30 minute meeting of the Capital Region Housing Corporation because it was the first meeting of the week listed on the CRD’s obnoxiously inadequate calendar page (from which nothing is hyperlinked) and also because the City of Victoria likes to talk a lot about affordable housing and I’ve never been too clear on who all does what with affordable housing across the CRD. Continue reading Capital Region Housing Corporation


Hi there – thanks for visiting! Now that we’ve been at this local government reporting for a while, we’ve made some changes to our website to reflect upcoming changes in our services.

Website Changes

We’ve organized all City of Victoria content within a new City of Victoria entry point on our main menu bar. From this section you will find a new archive point for what we’re calling Big Issues (e.g., write-ups related to town halls, task forces, strategic planning, financial planning, etc) as well as a new archive point for all City of Victoria Council and Committee Meetings that includes separate third level headings for:

We have added a new Capital Regional District (CRD) section to our website. This will be developed further as we start attending more CRD meetings and we also start looking in more detail at regional issues like Wastewater treatment.

We have also added what we’re calling Opinions to our main menu bar and from within this section you will find second level headings for each of the following:

As always, all posts will continue to rotate out to our main page. 


June 18 GPC Summary & Observations

I totally called it with my prediction for a record short meeting this morning – all told the public section was 36 minutes long. It is important to note however that this minor public section was sandwiched between two incamera sessions (8am and then after the public meeting) where three items of incamera discussion occurred (e.g., personnel, an easement under Bay Street, and a proposed municipal mutual aid service as presented by the Fire Chief).

You can find the meeting agenda here and the meeting video here.

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June 18 GPC Early Thoughts

I must say that I found myself depressed after reading the “reports” attached to the June 18 GPC agenda. I say reports in quotations “” because the  major share of the 36 pages on the agenda seem to be a regurgitation of previous stuffs. That said, I do find it interesting how the GPC meeting tomorrow actually starts at 8am  with a one hour incamera discussion on Personnel as facilitated by Ms. Jenkyns, Conference Centre Manager and Deputy City Manager.

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My feedback on draft housing affordability recommendations

Here is what I just submitted to housing@victoria.ca in accordance with the guidance provided on the City website specific to the actions of the Mayor’s task force on Affordable Housing. For context on my item specific responses please note that I have simply created a sequential list of the recommendations identified in this short report from the city explaining the need for and proposed sequencing of each recommendation. Continue reading My feedback on draft housing affordability recommendations

June 11 Council Summary & Observations

It was quite the Council meeting on Thursday night and not just because there was a big agenda. Lots of other things happened. There was one moment in particular that was especially bizarre and led to me getting up as part of the Public Hearing for 120 Gorge Road and saying to Council: “You should be better than this!”

It was simultaneously odd and appalling (video here).

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June 11 PLUC Summary & Observations

The meeting was so short (20 minutes) this morning it almost wasn’t worth the bother of waking up early and bussing downtown. I say “almost” because I got in some good chatting afterwards and also got 2 cookies for the price of 1 at Green Cuisine. So what happened? Continue reading June 11 PLUC Summary & Observations